Driver FAQ

Our customer service representatives are available to help you with any questions at all times. Call us 24/7 at 1-703-520-1818

Can I sign up to be a driver through the app?
No. The only way to sign up as a driver is through our website – please visit
Can I deliver for UPEDS and still keep my full-time job?
Absolutely! You are free to set your own hours and delivery area preferences, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to work as much as you prefer.
What are the requirements to deliver for UPEDS?
All UPEDS “parcel pilots” must be 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license. You will undergo a thorough background check that will require a Social Security number. If you are using a vehicle to make deliveries, you will need to show proof of vehicle insurance.
Where can I watch the UPEDS driver tutorial video?
The tutorial for our drivers can be accessed through the following link:
What is the password criteria?
Your password must be a minimum of 6 characters and include each of the following: 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character.
Which user ID and password do I use to log into the app?
Please use the same e-mail address and password combination you created when registering as a driver.
Do I have to use a vehicle to deliver for UPEDS?
No. You can deliver packages using any means of transportation as long as the parcel reaches its location promptly. However, you are required to have a valid driver’s license.
How long does it take to be approved as a driver?
Please allow up to 5 business days to process your application. It may take longer if the background check requires additional time. UPEDS will inform you of any delays via e-mail.
How do I know if I have been approved as a UPEDS “Parcel Pilot”?
Once the background check is completed, you will receive a welcome e-mail providing you additional information, including a link to our driver tutorial.

If your background check does not meet our criteria, you will receive an e-mail with details of the results. To dispute the results, please follow the instructions provided in that e-mail.

What is a premium driver? What benefits do I have from being a premium driver?
A premium driver must have a courier license, and be bonded and insured. The fare for premium drivers is higher, thus earning “parcel pilots” more money.
Are you accepting “Parcel Pilots” only for the Washington D.C. Metro area?
Not at all! We are accepting driver applications from anywhere in the U.S.
What kind of automobile do I need to have in order to be accepted as a driver?
There are no restrictions as long as you can safely deliver the package to its destination. Deliveries can be conducted by any means of transportation.
Will I be alerted about available deliveries in my area when I am offline?
No. In order to be alerted about available deliveries, you have to set your status to online.
Does my phone’s GPS have to be turned on in order to complete deliveries?
Yes. In order for our app’s live-tracking feature to operate in its full capacity, all drivers on duty must have the GPS feature enabled on their smartphones.
Does the app have to be open when delivering packages?
Yes. Please keep the app running at all times during deliveries to ensure accurate tracking.
What percentage of the fare goes to the driver?
The driver receives 80% of the delivery fare. You will be able to view the fare amount before accepting the job. For a breakdown of fees, refer to the next question.
What is the breakdown of the total delivery cost?
The breakdown of the cost is the following:

Delivery Fare (based on distance)
+ Safety Fee ($1)
+ Insurance Fee (optional)
= Total Delivery Cost

The driver will receive 80% of the delivery fare.

How will I get paid?
You will receive a weekly direct deposit payment each Friday to the checking account you provided during registration.
What is the weight limit on packages?
Currently, we only accept packages weighing up to 35 lbs. Parcels can be of any size as long as you have the appropriate means to deliver them to their destination safely.
Is there a time frame for deliveries?
Once you accept a package, you are responsible for delivering it immediately.
Can I cancel an order after I have accepted it?
Yes. However, certain criteria has to apply in order to cancel. Please immediately contact UPEDS Customer Service at 1-888-MY-UPEDS if you have to cancel a delivery after accepting an order. Possible penalties may occur based on the circumstances.
What happens if the sender cancels a job after I have accepted it?
You will receive a notification that the order was cancelled. Please note: The following conditions apply:

-If the order is cancelled within 3 minutes after submitting, no further action is needed; you can accept a different order and will not get paid for this transaction.

-If the order is cancelled 3 or more minutes after submitting, no further action is needed; you can accept a different order and will be paid in full for the cancelled transaction.

-If you receive a cancellation notice after you have already picked up the parcel, the package needs to be returned to the sender. You will be paid double the fare for this transaction.

Can I refuse a package?
Yes. You are required to inspect the package and its contents when you reach the pickup location. If the package is sealed, you will need to request that it be opened. If the contents do not match the description in the order OR if the parcel contains unauthorized items (for a list of unauthorized items see Terms and Conditions), you are required to refuse the parcel and call UPEDS Customer Service at 1-888-MY-UPEDS. Make sure to explain the details of why you are refusing to accept the package when you contact UPEDS Customer Support. You will be paid in full for this transaction.
What if the recipient of the parcel is not available or refuses to accept the parcel?
Contact UPEDS Customer Support immediately. Do not press the “Return to Sender” button unless you have received authorization from UPEDS Customer Support. You will then need to return the package to its point of origin. You will be compensated for the return as well as the original delivery.
Can I call the pickup and delivery contacts of the parcel directly?
Yes. Upon arrival to each location, the app will provide you with contact information to be used if necessary.
What if I receive a poor rating?
If your rating is two (2) stars or below, your eligibility to be a UPEDS “parcel pilot” will be reviewed for accuracy.
Can I contest an unfair driver rating?
Yes. Please contact UPEDS Customer Support and the rating will be investigated.